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Five Requirements of Coal Selecting Equipment and Technology on Crushing Operation

We all know that the crushing work is one key step in the process of coal selecting operation, which can have the power to directly influence the sale and the following processing investment, that is to say, which directly influences the economic profit of the mining machinery. The mining machine used in the crushing operation is just the crushing machine, so the better of the equipment is related to the whole industry of coal. There is much higher requirement on the crushing work with the deep development of the market and the continuous improvement of the coal selecting technology.

1. The requirement on the cleaning and processing of coal

We must effectively improve the working efficiency of crushing operation in order to improve the quality of coal, which can realize the monomer dissociation of the gangue at some level in the cleaning and processing operation.

2. The strict requirement on the product granularity

The different customers have the various requirements on the product granularity, which can be changed according to the changing of the market, that is to say, which can have the ability to influence the economic profit of the mining machinery. And at the same time, the product price of the different products is changeable all the time with the ages and the different size, above on will ask for the better mining machines once the mining company wants to achieve the biggest profit.

3. To decrease the extensive crushing in the crushing operation

The extensive crushing in the crushing operation will cause the waste of the mineral material, which directly influences the economic profit of the company. To decrease the coal aggregate at some level will become the key when we finished the crushing operation with the higher requirement of the environmental protection and the increasing of the cost of the coal aggregate handling.

4. The requirement on the cleaning equipment

Different cleaning equipment has the different handling scope on the aggregate, which must be entered into the crushing operation in order to satisfy the demanding of the cleaning machine. if the granularity of the cleaning products is more than the limits, which easily causes the stoppage which will not help the mining machine to realize the smooth operation, so that is the reason why the operator must guarantee the size of the aggregate in order to solve the problems.

5. The demanding for the energy saving and lowing

The producing cost of the ore dressing factory can occupy 40% of the whole investment in the crushing and grinding operation at this right minute, and even though the percentage of the producing and basic investment is lower than the ore dressing company, the influence of the producing cost and basic investment cannot be neglected.

The five requirements and demanding directly influence the level of the coal selecting and producing operation, so that is the reason why choosing the best mining crushing machine is the most important thing for the mining companies.

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