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The Working Process and Structural Features of Single Rotor Impact Crusher

According to the number of the rotor, impact crusher can be divided into single rotor impact crusher, double-rotor impact crusher and this paper mainly deals with the working process and structural features of single rotor impact crusher. 

The working process of single rotor impact crusher:

The materials go into the crushing chamber from the material feeding mouth, and the rotor rotating with high speed will impact the falling materials and crush them into small particles. In order to prevent the materials from flying out of the machine, feeding chain gate is equipped. The impacted materials are thrown to the impacting board with high speed along the tangential direction of the plate hammer and to be crushed again. The materials bouncing back from the impacting board will hit with the materials thrown by the impacting board. The materials that are not crushed to the required granularity will repeat the above-mentioned crushing process and are brought to the crushing space composed by the second impacting board and crushed with continuous impact and mutual hit. The crushed materials are discharged out from the bottom of the machine.

The body of the impact crusher is divided into upper part and lower part which are welded with iron plate and structural steel. On the internal wall of the machine, lining boards made of steel plate are installed. There are small doors at the front, back, left and right of the machine for the convenience of examine and repair and change the easy-wearing parts.

The single-rotor impact crusher has a reversible rotor and on both sides of the upper part of the rotor, impacting boards are installed. Since the rotor is reversible, the abrasion of the two sides of the impacting board will be balanced which greatly decreases the working amount of the maintenance and examination.

Compared with double-rotor impact crusher, this single rotor impact crusher has simple structure and small investment, but its production capacity is about 67% of the double-rotor impact crusher with the same specification, so that it is mainly used when the feeding materials are not very big.

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