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The Internal Factors that Affect Quality and Output of Ball Mill

The quality and output of ball mill is two important parameters. During the operational process of the grinding mill, the output and quality of the ball grinding mill are influenced by many factors, including internal factors and external factors. The former factors include the ventilation inside the cylinder, internal structure, loading capacity of the grinding media and the grading; the latter factors include the property of the materials, the abrasion of the spare parts and the working environment of the grinding mill. This paper mainly analyzes the internal factors that affect the output and quality of ball mill.

ball mill

1) The ventilation inside the cylinder

Good ventilation inside the cylinder is conducive to reducing the temperature inside the mill, exhausting the water, decreasing the over-grinding powders and improving the powder grinding efficiency. The practical experiment shows that as for the circuit-flow powder grinding ball mill, the wind velocity inside the mill should be maintained 0.8-1.0m/s; as for open-flow powder grinding process, the wind velocity should be 1.0-1.2 m/s, so that the ball mill can save energy and realize high production capacity.

2) The internal structure of the grinding mill

The internal structure of the grinding mill refers to the lining board inside the cylinder, grating bar, the partition board and feeding and discharging device. The lining board of the grinding mill is mainly used for protecting the cylinder and for avoiding direct impacting and friction of the grinding media and materials on the cylinder. In addition, the different types of lining boards can be used for adjusting the movement state of the grinding media. The partition board is used for separating the grinding media, preventing big-sized materials from being expelled to the discharging end, controlling the flowing speed of the materials inside the mill and controlling and improving the ventilation state inside the grinding mill.

3) The loading capacity and grading of the grinding media

To improve the powder grinding efficiency of the grinding mill should not only consider the loading capacity of the grinding media, but also determine the selection of the grinding media types and the using amount which means the grating of the grinding media. Reasonable grading can ensure the high powder grinding efficiency of the grinding mill and high output and quality.

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