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How Elevating Conveyor Belt Works

Brief Introduction to Elevating Conveyor Belt

Elevating conveyor belt is widely used in coal mines with its features of continuous transportation, high efficiency and safety. The major composition parts of elevating conveyor belt are belt, rolling drum, tension device, roller rack and driving device.

elevating conveyor belt

How Elevating Conveyor Belt Works

The working principle of elevating conveyor belt is very simple, and it goes like this:

After the belt rotate around the rolling drum on both sides, use the steel or copper clip vulcanization method to firmly connect the two ends of the belt to form a closed ring structure, and support the belt using the upper and lower roller rack; and at the same time the tension device will tense the closed ring belt to make it have proper tensile force. When the power is on, the rolling drum will rotate at the stipulated speed driven by the electric motor, and in this way, the belt will run continuously relying on the friction force of the rolling drum and belt, thus realizing the transportation and displacement of the materials on the belt.

Notes on Working Process of Elevating Conveyor Belt

During the conveying process, the tractive force of the belt to convey the materials comes from the friction force of the rolling drum and the belt, so it is necessary to tense the belt with the tension device to make the belt between the two rolling drum have a proper tensile force. In addition, while the materials are transported and shifted on the belt, the belt not only provides tractive force, but needs to have proper supporting force. In order to make the belt have big supporting force, it is necessary to use rolling rack to support it and there is rolling bearing on the roller carrier shaft. For this reason, the friction between the belt and the roller will become rolling friction, so the resistance force coming from the roller on the belt will be small, thus reducing the power loss and increasing the conveying distance.

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