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The Application of Wollastonite Powders in Ceramic Industry

In the mid-1980s, Wollastonite's reserve that has been discovered in the world is 90 million tons. China's Hubei, Shandong, Jiangsu province and other places are rich in contact metamorphic iron ore. The wollastonite minerals of Daye in Hubei contain high content of wollastonite, even higher than that in Russia, and the purity of silica fume quarries equals with that in the United States, so that the wollastonite minerals provide the condition of their application in the building, sanitary and ceramics products.

At present, the application of the wollastonite in building, sanitary and ceramics proved that wollastonite can be used in ceramic industry in a great amount. Now, the storage of very pure natural wollastonite is not much, so it often needs to be processed by the mineral powder grinding technology such as ore beneficiation, powder grinding, dry type or wet type magnetic ore screening, spiral separation and flotation methods, etc to improve the purity of the wollastonite ore.

grinding mill

Application of Grinding Mill in Wollastonite

In recent years, some ceramic enterprises use wollastonite to optimize the quality of the ceramic glaze, for example, using wollastonite to improve the surface quality of daily ceramics products. The test shows that using grinding mill to process the wollastonite into powder and add the powders into the ceramic glaze, it can replace part of quartz and raw material so that the pinhole on the glaze and defect of the glaze bubble caused by the carbon dioxide gas dischargedby the decomposition of the limestone can be avoided.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the application study of wollastonite is becoming deeper and deeper. The improvement of silicon fume fine grinding method and the acquisition of ultrafine silicon powder materials will expand the new application field of wollastonite continuously. At present, wollastonite silica fume stone mill powder technology has been used in the production of ceramic tile, translucent crafts, art ceramics for daily use, etc. With the continuous advancement and improvement of ceramic science and technology, wollastonite raw materials will play a great role in the future in ceramics industry.

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