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What are Types and Functions of Partition Board in Ball Mill

Inside the cylinder of a ball mill, the partition board separates ball mill into several chambers. The main types of the partition board of ball mill are are also divided from this point of view into two types: single-deck partition board and double-deck partition board, which have their own production range and advantages.

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The Main Types of Partition Board in Ball Mill

(1) Single-deck partition board: It is generally formed by several fan-shaped grating bars. The big end is fixed onto the cylinder of the grinding mill with bolts, and the small end is connected to the other grating bars with center discs. The materials which are ground to the granularity smaller than the grating bar will go through the gap of the grating bar to the next chamber pushed by the newly fed-in materials.

(2) Double-deck partition board: It is generally formed by front grating bar and rare blind plate, and there is material lifting device in the middle. The materials go through the grating bar into the space between the two plates and are lifted by the material lifting device to the central cone and go into the next chamber. It belongs to forced material discharging with high flow speed, and it will not be influenced by the front and back filling rate of the partition boards, so that it is convenient for improving the filling rate and for ball matching.

The analysis and selection of ball mill on the materials are mainly completed by the partition board whose main functions are listed as follows:

1. Control and improve the ventilation condition of the grinding mill.

The partition board can control and improve the ventilation condition of the grinding mill, so that it will determine the material filling rate inside the mill, control the powder grinding time of the materials inside the mill. For this reason, it can unify the output and quality and stabilize the normal production of the grinding mill.

2. Separate the grinding media.

Customers who have used ball mill know that the specifications of the balls used in the ball mill to separate the chambers are different, which is because the functions of the chambers are different. The function of the partition board is to separate the grinding media according to the specific condition of the chamber and make the average size of the grinding media in every chamber maintain the changing rule of gradually decreasing from coarse grinding chamber to fine grinding chamber to adapt to the needs that big grinding media grind coarse materials and small grinding media grind small materials.

3. Control the flow speed of the grinding media inside the grinding mill.

The gap in the partition board determines the flow speed of the grinding media inside ball mill, so that the materials can be effectively ground.

4. Analyze the materials.

The partition board can prevent the big-sized materials from going into the area with weak impact force, otherwise the materials that cannot be crushed will pile up, which will seriously influence the powder grinding effect of ball mill; or prevent the materials that have not been ground to fine granularity from being discharged from the mill to cause unqualified product fineness.

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