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Elementary Introduction to Maintenance Knowledge of Jaw Crusher

1. Regularly check the machine. When starting or stopping any stone crusher, pay attention to regularly stopping it to check the abrasion situation inside the equipment. When checking jaw crusher, remember to carry out the check and examination after the machine totally stops to avoid a series of dangers. When checking and examining the machine, remember to check the quick-wear parts which must be timely changed after reaching the maximum rub fastness.

jaw crusher

2. Regularly check the accessory situation. The conveyor belt of jaw crusher is indispensable for the stone production line as the transmission of the whole machine owes to the conveyor belt. Regularly adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt to ensure the even stress on the belt. The bearing of jaw crusher is generally seriously abraded in the using process, for this reason, only by regularly adding proper amount of lubricating oil can extend the service life of the bearings and the proper amount of lubricating oil is 50-70% of the total volume of the bearings. Under normal condition, the temperature rise of the bearings should not exceed 35℃ and the highest temperature rise should not exceed 70℃. To maintain the bearing of movable jaw, generally only need to clean and change the lubricating oil, and there is no need to change the bearings. The common method is to pull the bearings and the eccentric shaft out of the bearings to process.

3. Do a good homework in the lubrication of the spare parts. Regularly paying attention to and doing a good homework in the lubrication of the grinding surface of jaw crusher can ensure the normal operation and prolong the service life of the machine. The adopted lubricating grease should be determined by the using conditions and temperature. The lubricating grease must be changed every three mouths. When changing new lubricating grease, clean the bearings and the dirt inside the bearing pedestal with clean gasoline or kerosene. The contact point of the toggle plate and the pad of the toggle plate must be added with lubricating oil before starting the machine.

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