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What Leads to the Abrasion of the Cement Ball Mill?

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Ore grinding is an important procedure in the mining exploration, of which the ball mill is the main equipment. During the copper ore grinding, the lining plate abrasion of the cement ball mill is very serious. The main reasons that lead to the abrasion of the ball mill are:

First, the big impact force causes microscopic wear which mainly appears somewhere inside the machine people cannot see.

Second, the big impact force leads to the deformation of the cement ball mill.

At last, the abrasion is brought by the corrosion. The wear of the cement ball mill lining plate mainly accounts for the type and size of the ball mill and the lining board's position in the ball mill.

During the metal mines exploration, the commonly used equipment is mortar pump, whose main function is to send the tailing sand to the tailing dam and to transport the ore to the factory. During the process, the pump casing, impeller and lateral plate may suffer erosive wear from the mortar with high speed and high pressure. In general, the erosive wear of the cement ball mill is related to the following factors: the pulp consistency, sand grain size, hardness, the lift and rotate speed of the pump. The bottom of the pump is easy to be worn through because the mortar has a strong erosive wear effect to the inner wall of the pump casing. The part for the mortar to flow should adopt the material with high hardness, which is often the white cast iron with good wear resistance and high hardness.

In general, in the production process of the cement ball mill, the lining iron on the blade of the spiral classifier will be worn by low stress generated from the spiral operating. So the material of the blade is often carbides with high hardness, which has a longer service life than the common materials.

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