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The Emergency Stop and Price of Energy-saving Ball Mill

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The firmware damage caused by energy-saving ball mill malfunctions can be avoided. But if some operators make the wrong judgments and stop the machine untimely, its malfunctions will cause damage of some firmware in energy-saving ball mill. So we should have a good knowledge of that under which states we must stop the machine immediately and avoid damage. The following two points are instructions summarized by experts of Hongxing Machinery:

1. We should make an emergency stop to the machine if the bearing of energy-saving ball mill vibrates abnormally to avoid the bearing bush to have thermal wear because of too high temperature.

2. We should make an emergency stop to the machine if there is metal clash noise in the energy-saving ball mill. The noise may because some parts of its inner cylinder fell off or broke. After the emergency stop, we could add some lubrication oil to it at the same time fastening the loose parts to avoid oil shortage and more equipment damage.

With the wide application of ore material, the energy-saving ball mill is used more and more widely. The energy-saving ball mill belongs to large-scale equipment, and its main raw material is steel, so it must be expensive. Now there are many types in the market, and every style may have different prices. Customers may have no idea about the specific price, and here we will talk about the factors which influence its price. In fact, the price of energy-saving ball mill is due to the different manufacturers which fix its price based on their investment on the equipment.

The fluctuation of energy-saving ball mill has two-side effect: on the one hand, its high price may be because that it has a high production capability or it adopts the raw material with a high-level quality. We should investigate many products and manufacturers to choose the cheap and fine products.

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