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The Countermeasures for the Noise of Ball Mill

ball mill

The noise pollution is a major problem for ball mill manufacturers, which will cause damage to the health of the staff as well as the environment. Hongxing Machinery has analyzed this problem. There are two main sources of the noise, one is the mechanical noise of mutual impact between steel balls and the steel cylinder when the cylinder is rotating; the other is the noise of motor and transmission devices, which includes electromagnetic noise generated by the operation of the motor and the air flow noise generated by the fan. The following is the countermeasures of noise pollution, and we hope that they will be useful for you.

1. The damping sound insulation layer bandage. Use the damping sound insulation material to wrap up the cylinder of the ball mill, thereby reduce the noise of the tube. This method can reduce the noise by 5-10dBA, but the effect is not very ideal.

2. The sound insulation cover. Use the sound insulation cover to wrap up the cylinder of the ball mill to prevent the noise from transmitting to the outer space to reduce the radiated noise of cylinder. This method is relatively effective, and usually the value of noise reduction can reach about 20dBA. But after installing the sound insulation cover, the operation and maintenance work will be difficult. At the same time, because the motor and transmission devices are in the sound insulation cover, it will result in difficult ventilation, heat dissipation as well as inconvenient inspection and maintenance.

3. Use rubber lining board instead of manganese steel lining board. The liner of the cylinder is changed from the original manganese steel liner into the rubber lining plate, which can greatly reduce the impact noise between balls and cylinder, and the noise reduction value is 12-15dBA, the effect is obvious, but there are still problems such as the short service life of rubber lining plate.

After comparison, the latter two methods have better noise reduction effect, which have played a protective effect on the health of workers to a certain extent. However, there are still some problems, such as cooling, ventilation, maintenance, service life of liner plate problems which are urgently needed to be solved. We will spare no effort to find a perfect way for customers in our future researches!

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