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Diligent Direction of Domestic Machine Industry

Machinery manufacturing industry refers to the industry that specializes in the production of various kinds of power machinery, lifting and transportation, agricultural, metallurgy and mining, chemical, textile, machine tools, instruments, meters and other mechanical equipment. This industry provides technological equipment for the whole national economy and its development level is one of the main indexes that show that industrialization degree of a country. At the beginning of the 21st century, the development characteristics of this industry is comprehensively making use of the modern and high and new technology and its development tendency is four modernizations which are flexibility, agility, intelligentization and informatization.

In the economic globalization, the diligent and striving direction of the Machinery manufacturing industry in our country should be as follows:

1. Focus on concept instead of technology and make the industrial goal clear. In our country, before they learn and knew clear the industrial nature, some entrepreneurs justly blindly produce and expand and at the same time, they have no awareness of brand concept. In the machine production, the companies in our country should position themselves as the file leader of the industrial basis, actively establish their brand, strengthen the brand effect and crisis consciousness, develop their own brand characteristics and corporate culture concept. The development soul is the factor that determines the development direction of the machinery manufacturing industry so that the relevant companies should establish the unique enterprise development pattern and concept in the age of the economic and technological globalization.

2. Stress mastering many skills while specializing in one instead of division of labour on the basis of specialization in order to bring the labors’ intelligence and wisdom into full play. Ever since the Ford Motor Company invented the production method of assembly line, people in the whole world have believed this method that would improve significantly the production efficiency must be the summit of non-intelligent technology and would not be improved more advanced than before. However, Japan Canon transformed this assembly line into round table production line and the working efficiency is significantly improved. On a round table, the workers are able to cooperate with each other and exert their own intelligence and wisdom in order to complete the assembling of the cameras and the easy atmosphere is better for improving the working efficiency compared with an inflexible assembly line. So is in the machinery manufacturing industry, we recommend that let workers with different profession participate in the different position of the production line in order to improve the working efficiency.

3. Strengthen the investment of scientific research and talent cultivation and reserve talent for the high-tech development in the future machinery industry. At present, many entrepreneurs are willing to invest their money into the charity that they will get tax reduction but seldom into t he educational field. If we want to go farther in the globalization world, we should invest with various kinds of methods into the educational course and cultivate more and more talents for our country and society and in the end they will become the strong posterior shield in the development of the machinery industry.

To sum up, this industry in our country is in a exploration stage and the development for the national enterprises is more difficult. Led by Manager Yang, Hongxing Machinery has been actively researching and developing their core technology, transforming the product structure, stressing the talent cultivation, establishing and building the Hongxing brand concept, enhancing the corporate culture awareness and making sufficient preparations for the faster and better development in the future. With its high quality products such as cone crusher and dryer machine, Hongxing Machinery has ascended in the front rank of the world in the exporting of mining equipment.

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