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How cone crusher meets market demands

According to China metal pipe cutting machine Association Mining Machinery Branch of Statistics, 2006 to 2010, China’s excavator production and sales increased from 51,800 units to 165,800 units, four years more than tripled, the annual compound growth rate of 33.76%. According to the Chinese construction machinery industry is expected to learn Mining Machinery Branch, common conveyor belt in the next five years the average growth rate of about 20%.

Meanwhile, the China Construction Machinery Industry Institute of Mining Machinery Branch prediction, with the major domestic brands excavator manufacturers’ expansion plan, the next five years domestic excavator brand market share will reach 45% to 50%. To 2014 total 340,000 units of domestic excavator, excavator market share of domestic brands 40% calculation, when the domestic brands excavator production will reach 1.36 million units In addition, the product of high barriers to entry, market demand, higher than the gross margin level hydraulic and pneumatic components manufacturing industry average.

Cone crushers reduce large rocks into smaller sizes for further use in construction. Several types of crushers are used for this purpose, and the cone crusher is an important type that is efficient, stable, and safe.

The cone crusher is a machine used in the construction industry for crushing different varieties of rocks and ores of varying hardness. Cone crushers have a stable structure, an efficient and simple adjustment, and are used extensively. The crusher functions by pushing on substances held between the fixed cone and the movable cone. The cone crusher splits the rocks by clutching them between an eccentric rotating spindle that is enclosed by a tough layer, and a concave hopper. As the rocks enter the crusher, they are wedged between the layer and the concave hopper. Big pieces are broken, and then these are dropped to another position, where the breaking process is repeated. This procedure is continued until the rocks are small enough in size to descend through the restricted opening at the crusher bottom.

Crushing involves transfer of a force that is amplified considerably by the mechanical advantage obtained through materials whose molecules are bonded strongly. These molecules offer greater resistance to deformation, compared to the materials that are being crushed. Crushing tools hold the material to be crushed between two solid surfaces that are parallel. Force is applied to bring these surfaces close to each other. Sufficient energy is generated inside the material that is being crushed, and consequently the molecules are separated. The initial crushers were stones held by hands, and the stone weight amplified the human power.

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