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Points Noted when Installing and Debugging Hammer Crusher

The Hammer Crusher Installation

Vibration with certain frequency and strength is a must to ensure the normal operation of the hammer crusher. Consequently, the customers should abide strictly to the foundation diagram when implementing installation to prevent problems. Nevertheless, some companies place hammer crusher directly onto the precast panel to save trouble. The baseplate is welded with several steel heads sticking out for temporary use. It is self-deceiving because it will be too late to regret in the case of an accident.

If the precast has to be applied, it should be specially tailored after careful calculating according to the intensified safety parameter.

(2) The motor pulley and the hammer crusher pulley should be mutually aligned and reasonably tight. The working environment should be dry and ventilated and the motor free from rain, snow and dust. The protective facilities, such as the shield and the overload protector ensure the safety of the equipment and operators.

When being installed, the materials feeding device should be added if necessary when the site is allowed. The continuous materials feeding should be ensured to prevent feeding to one side or vibration intensification due to the improper amount of materials or the overhigh temperature of the bearing on one side or both sides or engine overloading.

Foreign materials removing device should be added to prevent harmful materials getting into the crushing cavity. For example, iron ore will damage the sieve bottom and the hammer head; the soft materials with certain toughness like strips of cloth will block the sieve bottom and coil the rotor, thus influencing the effect.


(1) During normal usage, the tightness of the fasteners, the abrasion of the wear parts, and the amount of the remaining lubricating oil or grease should all be checked regularly. We should fasten, repair and replace the components and fill oil if necessary. The above should be included in the regular maintenance system and be strictly executed. The system should not be a matter of form.

(2) On the premise that the category of materials is defined, the amount of the materials to be fed should not exceed the handling capacity. Block materials non-processible by the hammer crusher should not go directly to the hammer crusher. As a result, the crushing device should be installed in the last procedure. Otherwise, the motor will be suppressed, resulting into the damage of the motor, bearing or other components.

In brief, customers should have a good knowledge of the usage parts, the nature of the materials, feeding granularity, discharging granularity , capacity, etc.

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