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Five Factors Influencing Productivity of Jaw Crusher

Generally speaking, there are many factors influencing the productivity of jaw crusher. Altogether, there are mainly five factors, and next we'll list these and give corresponding solutions.

1. Hardness of the material. If the material is harder, there are many disadvantages: the crushing process is more difficult, the equipment wears down more seriously, the crushing speed is lower and the crushing force is smaller. Therefore, it needs more attention on selection of the material.

2. Composition of the material. More fine powder in the material crushed in the jaw crusher is easy to affect sand production process, because the fine powder is easy to adhere in jaw crusher so as to affect the transportation. To this problem, the material containing too much fine powder should be screened to advance to filter the powder as cleanly as possible which won't influence the normal work of jaw crusher.

3. Fineness of material after crushed in jaw crusher. The fineness of material after crushed is higher, and the crushing force is smaller. It depends on the specific requirements. If there are no special requirements, the medium fineness is just proper.

4. Viscosity of the material. The material with bigger viscosity is easier to adhere in the inner wall of crushing cavity; at this time if the material can't be cleaned up timely, it will affect the working efficiency of jaw crusher; if the problem is serious, it will make big effect on normal work of jaw crusher. Therefore, when it comes to material selection, the proper or small material viscosity is required and noted.

5. Humidity of the material. If the material moisture is too big, the material in jaw crusher is easy to adhere and block in the process of the material transportation which causes decreasing crushing capacity. To solve this problem, the first thing is to control material humidity at the time of material selection. If the humidity is too big, it can be reduced with the help of sunshine or air dehydration.

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