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Analyze the Benefits of Taking Part in the Canton Fair

No matter how large a company is, taking part in the Canton Fair can definitely provide a great business opportunity for it. An American research firm points out that exhibition is an highly effective way of marketing, according to its statistic analysis on the participation situation of American companies.

1. Low cost to contact with cooperative clients.

To participate in an exhibition is the most effective way for a company to contact with qualified customers. According to the study from the research firm, to contact a visitor on the exhibition costs $177 on average, while through sales calls, the number is $295.

2. Less workload and high quality.

After accessing to the qualified customers, the subsequent workload is relative small. The survey of the research firm shows that, after accessing to qualified customers, it only takes 0.8 phone call to successfully make a deal. By contrast, by typical sales mode, it takes 3.7 telephone calls to make it. According to another survey of McClory Hill Investigation Foundation, 54% of the orders are placed after clients have visited the exhibition stand on Canton Fair, and don't need personnel to follow up again.

3. Potential customers.

According to the research firm, taking the average visitor volume of a certain company on Canton Fair as cardinal number, among which only 12% of the visitors have received a phone call from the company's sales staff in 12 months before the exhibition; 88% are potential customers, and Canton Fair will also bring high-level visitors. For the products and services of a exhibiting company, 49% of the visitors on the exhibition are planning to buy.

4. Competitive edge.

Canton Fair can provide an excellent business opportunity for enterprises to show themselves before their competitors. Your company competitiveness can become radiant by well-trained exhibition staff, active promotion before and during the Canton Fair, fascinating exhibition design and rigorous follow-up. In addition, visitors can make use of this chance to compare each exhibitors before they finally decide to purchase which company's products. Therefore, Canton Fair is an open opportunity for exhibitors showing their products' excellent functions.

5. Time saving.

The number of potential customers an exhibitor comes into contact with in 5 days on Canton Fair is more than that of the sales staff got in three months. Face to face meeting with potential clients is an effective means of rapidly building customer relationships.

6. A good place for exhibitors to test their products for potential customers.

Canton Fair offers a chance to show company competitiveness, the effect of which is immeasurable. Only by observing and listening, the exhibitors can learn a lot information about their competitors' products, prices, and marketing strategies.

7. Attracting media attentions, especially the large-scale ones.

Taking advantage of the media exposure is an advantage for exhibitors. It's an important job to invite famous media to visit their exhibition stand. Canton Fair provides a great opportunity for market researching. If the exhibitor is considering launching a new product or service, he can conduct a survey on the exhibition directly to know customers ' requirements on its price, function, quality and compensation.

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