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Application Matters of Single-stage Hammer Crusher

Single-stage hammer crusher is mainly used for crushing common crisp rocks in the industries such as cement, ceramics, glass, artificial sand and stone, coal, non-metal mining and new type green building material. What matters that should be paid attention to when applying the single-stage hammer crusher? This paper will give a detailed analysis.

1) Research the crushability of the raw materials and the abradability of the metal and the mud and water content of the raw materials.

Due to the difference in production conditions and places, the compressive strength, compactness, thickness of the single layer and the grain structure of the minerals are all different, so the crushability and the abradability to the metals are also different. After testing the metal abradablity of the materials, the customers can conclude whether the single-stage crushing is suitable or not. When the rocks have high abradability on the metal, two-stage or three-stage crushing should be adopted, and part or all use other type crushers in order to reduce the metal consumption. The crushability test is used for determining the machine power and production capacity and for testing the granularity composition of the materials.

2) This series of crusher machine is able to crush limestone with compressive strength less than 200MPa and other crisp materials such as marlite, powder sand rocks, shale, gypsum and coal.

When limestone does not contain dust or the content is less than 6%, single-rotor crusher can be selected. When the dust content is high and the water content exceeds 8%, double-rotor crusher is suitable.

3) The feeding machine equipped with this crusher should have the performance of variable speed.

The material feeding speed should change along with the load of the crusher machine. When the load of the crusher is small, accelerate the feeding, and when the load of the crusher exceeds the stipulate value, reduce the feeding, when the load exceeds the normal load, stop feeding. Automatic adjusting system can be used to improve the working efficiency of the crusher and improve its safety.

4) The crusher should be fed in the front with full width and never fed on the side.

The width of the feeding machine should make sure that the full width that is sent to the crusher rotor has the same material layers to be crushed; otherwise the two sides of the rotor cannot share the same work amount with the middle part of the rotor, which influence the production capacity of the crusher. And the abrasion of the hammer will also be different which will influence the timely adjustment of the discharging bar and the discharging granularity cannot be ensured.

5) Pay attention to the configuration of the systematic ability.

The production capacity of this series crusher refers to its average working ability, and the instantaneous ability will changed along with the size of the feeding materials.

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