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The Similarities and Differences of Impact Crusher and Hammer Crusher

Impact crusher and hammer crusher are all crushing machines commonly used in the manufacturing industry and they have both advantages and disadvantages and similarities and differences. The similarities and differences of the two crushers are listed as follows:

The similarities of the two crushers: they have similar working principles which crush the materials with high speed impacting effect.

The differences of the two crushers: the structure and working process of the two crushers are different. However, in generally, there are mainly four aspects of differences.

(1)The plate hammer and rotor of impact crusher connects with steel and this crusher impacts the materials with the inertia of the whole rotor so that it will be able to not only crush the materials, but gain high speed and dynamic energy. The hammer of the hammer crusher impacts and crushes the materials only by itself, so that the speed and dynamic energy the materials can get are limited.

(2) The crushing chamber of the impact crusher is relatively big, so that the materials have certain movement space and can be sufficiently impacted and crushed. However, the crushing chamber of the hammer crusher is relatively small.

(3) The plate hammer of the impact crusher impacts the materials from bottom to up and throws them onto the impacting plate; hammer crusher impacts the materials along the falling direction of the materials.

(4) There is no grating screen on the lower part of the impact crusher, so that the product granularity is guaranteed by the speed of the plate hammer and the gap between the impacting plate and the grating bar. The product granularity of the hammer crusher is controlled by the grating bar.

Impact crusher has big impacting and crushing ability so that it has wider application in many industries such as building material, metallurgy, ore beneficiation and chemistry. With the improvement of scientific and technical level, the structure and performance of the impact crusher will be perfect and plays a bigger role in the modern construction.

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