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The Improvement of Powder Making technology of Ball Mill

At present, the majority of the powder making system of ball mills in the domestic market is manipulated manually by the operators. The long time of manual manipulation will lead to many accidents such as full grinding of ball mill, overflow powders at the shaft seal and super high or low temperature of the discharging port which seriously influences the safe, stable and environmentally friendly operation of the powder making system. In addition, when operating the powder making system of ball mill manually, the ball mill should often work in the working condition where the coal level is relatively low and the ventilation quantity is too high, thus the unit energy consumption of powder making is very high. Then how to overcome these and improve the powder making technology of the ball mill?

Ball Mill

Firstly, use the raw material drying air swept mill technology. The improved closed-circuit raw material mill still can realize high output even when the water content of the fed raw materials is as high as 3.5%, and the reformation cost of a Φ2.2*7m raw material is just a thousand Yuan and the time for reforming the grinding mill will not exceed 24 hours, and the output per unit can be improved by 20~80% on the same condition.

Secondly, Use the tertiary jaw crusher reformation technology. Use the solid volume principle and the lamination theory to optimally design the jaw plate of the jaw crusher according to the property and granularity of the materials that will be crushed. The new jaw plate allows the materials to be constantly squeezed after they go into the crushing chamber and to be horizontally impacted from a certain distance in the lower part of the crushing chamber. The discharging granularity is only 5~10mm on average and only 30% of the final products are powder materials. Using this technology to reform the tertiary jaw crusher only needs to invest in the jaw plate and the time needed is only 3~4 hours, so that it is the best choice for the cement plant and the powder grinding station to reform the jaw crusher.

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