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Brief Analysis of the Working Process of Dryer Machine

Long ago, people began to use dryer machine to dry the materials. Nowadays, dryer machine can be seen in almost every industry and every department, and of course, our daily life cannot go without drying. In the industrial aspect, drying is a complicated process which needs the help of multi-disciplinary knowledge and research means. In the aspect of daily life, drying is so common that it can be operated or touched by almost everyone. Due to the complexity and universality of drying, our understanding of drying is only one-sided view.

Dryer Machine

The development of science has no limits. In the process of pursuing perfection, certainly something will be sacrificed as a price. Now we are all aware that there is only one earth and the environment is the security basis that human relies on. For this reason, keeping sustainable development and establishing a cyclic society are the optimum choice for the survival of human. How to achieve these two goals is a question that every dryer machine manufacturing company must consider. Hongxing Machinery completely manufactures energy-saving and environmentally friendly dryer machine on the basis of researching dryer machine and absorbing advanced experience from domestic and foreign market.

What is the detailed working process of dryer machine? First, the materials that are prepared to be dried are sent by the conveying equipment to the hopper, and the feeding machine inside the hopper will send the materials to the feeding end from which the materials will go into the dryer machine. The drum of the dryer machine slightly inclines upward, and the materials go into the drum from the higher end, and at the same time the heating media will go in the drum from the other end and form backward contact with the materials. Since the drum is slightly slant, the materials will be dried indirectly or directly by the heating media during the moving process, and then the dried materials will be sent from the discharging end. At the same time, inside the drum there is equipped with shoveling plate which will shovel the materials and then put them down. In this process, since the contact surface of the materials and the air flow increases, the drying efficiency will be improved.

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