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Factors that Ore Dressing Plant should Consider when Choosing Crusher

Crusher is a kind of equipment that is widely used in industrial production and it working principle is to crush the large-sized materials into small pieces with one or more forces. The existing types of the crushers researched and manufactured by domestic and foreign companies are various and the application ranges of these crushers are also different. For this reason, when the ore dressing plants choose crusher, they should take all the relevant factors into consideration.

(1) The property of the materials

Different materials have different performance features, strength, hardness and fragility, so that the crushing forces used will be also different. The crushing methods of the crushers chosen by the ore dressing plant should be corresponding with the property of the materials in order to achieve good crushing effect.

(2) The performance features of the crushers

There are various types of crushers and some crushers are suitable for coarse crushing, some are suitable for medium crushing and some are suitable for fine crushing, for this reason, the ore dressing plant should be clear about the focus of the ore dressing work. If the working focus is coarse crushing, the suitable crushers include gyrotary crusher, large jaw crusher, hammer crusher and impact crusher, and the specific selection should be based on the hardness of the rocks. If used for medium crushing, the commonly used crushers are cone crusher, hammer crusher and impact crusher. If used for fine crushing, the suitable crushers are short-headed cone crusher, roll crusher, vertical impact crusher and cape type crusher, and the medium and small mines can also use double-chamber rotary crusher.

(3) The feeding granularity

The maximum feeding granularity of the cone crusher, gyrotary crusher, rotary crusher and jaw crusher should be 86% smaller than that of the feeding mouth of the crusher; the maximum feeding granularity of the roller crusher should be no bigger than 120 of the diameter of the roller; impact crusher and hammer crusher use free impacting crushing theory so that they have no limits on the feeding granularity.

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