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Advantages of a Vibrating Sieve

Vibrating sieve is a kind of vibratory screening machine suitable for the dry screening of wet and fine materials which are difficult to be screened in the stone crushing and sand making production line. Vibrating sieve has the technical features of big vibration amplitude, big vibration strength, low frequency and elastic screen surface. During the working process, this vibrating sieve maintains the maximum aperture ratio, so that it can maintain high screening efficiency and processing capacity and low production cost.

vibrating sieve

The Outstanding Advantages of a Vibrating Sieve are as follows:

(1) Its application ranges are wide, that is to say, it is not only suitable for the preliminary screening and examination screening before the medium and fine crushing, but suitable for washing the ores, removing water and slim and for the classification work in the ore grinding cycle.

(2) The screen size needed by this vibrating sieve is smaller than that of other screens, so that it can save the size and height of the working plant, and in addition, the energy consumption is small and the operation and maintenance is convenient.

(3) Since the vibration of the screen is strong and the screen hole is seldom blocked, when screening sticky and wet ores, the working indexes of this vibrating sieve is obviously superior to that of other screens.

(4) The screen vibrates with low amplitude and high vibration times, thus accelerating the layering speed of the materials on the screen and the going-through speed of the materials, so that this vibrating sieve has high production capacity and screening efficiency.

(5) The vibrating sieve has simple structure and convenient operation and adjustment.

(6) The electricity consumed by the screen for screening every ton of materials is low.

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