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Technical Features and Design of the Roller of Belt Conveyor

As a key composing part of belt conveyor, the design of roller has a close relation with the performance of this machine. Here Hongxing Machinery will give an introduction to the technical features of roller and its design.

The diameter runout of roller is mainly determined by radial error of the cylinder, quality of the bearing pedestal and coaxiality of the installation process. The diameter runout value of the roller has a great impact on the stable operation of conveyor belt, and high diameter runout in the high-speed running process will cause fierce vibration of the conveyor belt and influence its normal operation.

The selection of materials for roller: The roller cylinder is generally replaced by steel tube and the bearing pedestal generally adopts high polymer material which is much superior than steel material and the superiority is mainly reflected in the following:

(1) High polymer material is lighter than steel material, thus reducing consumption for starting and braking. It has high resistance to abrasion, corrosion and rust, thus prolonging the service life of roller and reducing the workload for maintaining it. In addition, the thermoplastic material has the function of vibration absorption and then can reduce noises.

(2) The cylinder and bearing pedestal have simple structure, this avoiding the process of seam allowance of cylinder and the press forming technology can ensure dimensional accuracy and quality.

(3) The cylinder and the bearing pedestal are connected with plastic cement, which is not only easy to be assembled, but has wider adaptation ranges on temperature.

The service life of roller is mainly determined by bearing and sealing performance. For this reason, when designing bearing, deep groove ball bearing with dust cap can be used to not only ensure the cleanness inside the bearings, increase its axial carrying capacity and reducing the high frequency damage to bearing caused by axial force and high-frequency percussion, but ensure the lubrication performance of the bearings and improve the actual service life of the bearings.

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