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What Should be Noted when Using a Rotary Kiln?

Rotary kiln is the core of the whole cement production line and the technical management plays a vital role in the stable and continuous operation of rotary kiln. Here Hongxing Machinery gives a summary to the possible failure and solutions in the running process of rotary kiln for your reference.

rotary kiln

(1) Note the raw materials and comburant.

Suitable fineness of the raw materials and reasonable, stable and optimized grading can not only ensure the stability of the running system of the kiln, but ensure high-quality clinkers. Raw materials with high dispersion, good homogenization and strong stability are conducive to the stability of the temperature and air pressure of the predissociation system. Coal powders with low water content and high fineness can improve the combustion speed to fully burn the coal powders, improve the calcinations temperature and ensure the heat for the dissociation of the raw materials and the calcinations of the clinkers.

(2) Note the air leakage of the system.

Air leakage of the system is an important factor restraining the predissociation kiln system from fully playing its role. The cold air that leaks into the system will change the movement track of the materials inside the preheater and reduce its rotating speed, which may cause the accumulation of the materials. At the same time, the contact of cold air and hot materials may cause cold and hot condensation of the materials and make them to stick onto the cylinder walls of the preheater.

(3) Note the central control operation.

First formulate relatively reasonable and perfect assess system, give correct guidance to the operation of the operators and create a cooperative and learning working atmosphere with benign competition. Second pay close attention to the onsite system condition and the changes of the parameters of the central control operation, timely carry out micro and suitable adjustment and control to the central control operation and unify the operation thoughts of the operators and stabilize the thermal system of the kiln. Regularly arrange technical training to the operation of the operators to make them learn more about the new technology and constantly improve the operation quality.

(4) Note the flame.

Adjust the position of the burner and the proportion of the internal and external one-off air, ensure good shape of the flame and control the temperature of the burning zone. According to the types, structure and performance features of the burner, correctly adjust the position. Regularly pay attention to the condition of the kiln coating to ensure its uniformity and stability.

(5) Note the quality of the clinker.

The quality of the clinker will directly influence the quality of the cement products, thus directly influencing the benefits of the companies and the core and result of the burning system control. For this reason, it is necessary to regularly note every parameter of the quality of the clinker to dynamically observe, analyze and adjust it.

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