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What are the Main Problems Facing Grinder Mill Industry?

The development of grinder mill industry in our country relies on steel industry, power industry as well as huge non-metallic mineral resources maintaining the reproduction of our descendants. Even though the development of this industry is really fast, pulverizer machine with low technical content still occupies leading market shares in the powder grinding industry, which is very negative to the development of this industry and also causes series environment burden. Then what are the main problems facing the grinder mill industry?

First, there are a lot of problems in product technology and quality. The present production technology of rock grinder still stays on previous technical level and the machine still has such problems as high power consumption, loud noise and serious pollution. How to produce new type of stone flour mill and improve its technical innovation capacity are the most important and urgent thing. However, some medium and small-sized enterprises have no innovation ability, not to mention technical research and development, so that they can only follow traditional crushing and grinding technology, which greatly restrains the development of large enterprises.

Second, the manufacturers in coal grinding mill industry have some problems in management. There are a lot of companies that adopt family-run management which is deadly for the company. The outstanding features of this management pattern are that the management is loose, a lot of things cannot be carried out and team spirit and innovation ability are absent. However, it would be unfair, of course, to see all family-run companies in this light. There are still some family-run companies whose management is in perfect order, and the reason lies in that they can always have crisis awareness and they dare to introduce new sales pattern and new management concept.

Finally, to improve the production technology of powder grinding mill, the technical level of production workers should reach high standard. Otherwise, in the production process, there will be product quality problems.

As for the whole industry, the development status of the limestone grinding mill is worrying. Without reform, the consequence will be dreadful. For this reason, grinder mill manufacturers should think about it, so does local management department and the whole grinder mill industry.

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