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What is the Best Feeding Time of Rotary Kiln?

Rotary Kiln

Due to its high yield, reliable performance and wide application ranges, rotary kiln is favored by customers. However, when it comes to the best feeding time of rotary kiln, some customers will have doubt, therefore, the domestic professional rotary kiln manufacturer Hongxing Machinery will analyze for you:

Before feeding the rotary kiln, the burning zone and decomposing furnace need to be preheated. When feeding the kiln, the time difference between the ventilation and feeding must be acquired well; otherwise the early ventilation will lead to high temperature of rotary kiln preheater; if too late, the settling will easily lead to the clogging of the kiln. Generally, feeding in the negative pressure of 1500 PA is the best, if the temperature is too high, it should be restart. There are more requirements for operation of feeding items in a short period. The operation should be strictly in accordance with the rotary kiln feeding rules.

In the low yield stage, rotary kiln should adopt strong ventilation and large feeding amount to ensure enough wind speed when materials are dispersed in the pre heater. In the initial feeding, the kiln skin temperature is lower than usual, in order to make the coal combustion, the flame shape should be maintained appropriately. Continue to retain and increase the kiln head is very necessary, at this time, the axial wind should be reduced, when the flame does not lick the kiln crust, it is the standard shape. When the wind temperature is rising, gradually increase the axial fan. The kiln head can be stopped when the black flame length is less than 0.3 to 0.5 mm.

Hongxing Machinery not only provides high quality rotary kiln equipment, but also offers comprehensive technical support for the vast number of users. New and old customers are warmly welcomed to contact us!

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