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The Requirements of Flotation Machine in Ore Dressing Process

flotation machine

Flotation machine is the key equipment in the flotation process which can achieve the separation of minerals and gangue by inflating and mixing the prepared slurry, so the particles will attach to bubble selectively to complete the whole separating process. According to flotation industrial experience, air bubble mineralization theory and dynamic fluid characteristics of the flotation machine, there are following basic requirements of flotation machine during the ore beneficiation process:

1. Good inflation performance.

In the flotation process, bubble is the separation surface for a variety of selective adhesion minerals, and it is also a carrier of hydrophobic minerals and vehicles, so the flotation machine must be able to press pressure into the pulp and produce a lot of moderate size of the bubbles, the bubbles should be evenly dispersed throughout the flotation tank, so that gas liquid separating interface will provide enough separating surface so as to make the bubbles with suitable floating rate.

2. Enough stirring strength.

Mixing the slurry can promote the mineral particles in the ore pulp in a suspended state so that they can be evenly distributed on the flotation tank. Particularly overcome and eliminate the stratification and precipitation of coarse particles, the particle and bubble will have full contact opportunities. At the same time, make the absorbed pressure or the air stream into the single tiny bubbles, and make the bubbles have uniform distribution in the flotation cell.

3. It can work continuously with convenient adjustment.

The flotation machine for industrial use must be capable of continuous feeding, scraping and discharging to achieve the continuous production. In addition, for the regulation of the production process, flotation machine shall have the pulp level, foam layer thickness and the flow speed mechanism.

4. Large production capacity, less energy consumption, simple structure, easy repair, low cost.

Flotation machine must be good at realizing the automation of mineral processing plant, which can adapt to the flotation of coarse minerals. Therefore, the flotation machine must have reliable performance, long service life and remote control capability.

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