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Application of Sand Maker in Cement Powder Grinding Production

As a main machine for pre-crushing process, sand maker has been successfully applied in the raw material powder grinding system and is playing an output-improving and energy-saving role. However, a large quantity of cement plants finds its using effect not ideal which mainly reflect in the serious friction of the hammer and lining board, and the machine they use does not reach the design requirement and the output-improving effect of the grinding machine is not obvious. At present, the thought and direction of adopting the vertical shaft impact crusher for pre-crushing in the cement powder grinding system is right, and the main reason why some cement plants do not succeed lies in the unreasonable design of the pre-crushing technology and the incorrect selection of the technological parameter of the cement powder grinding technology.

In the cement powder grinding process, the granularity of the materials that are sent in to the grinder directly determines the output of the milling machine and the quality of the final products. How to improve the output of the milling machine and the quality of the final products, reduce the unit energy consumption and cost and improve the economic benefits has long been a hot topic in the modern cement industry.

Decreasing the granularity of the materials that are sent into the milling machine is the most effective method; that is to say, add pre-crushing equipment before sending the materials into the mill and conduct secondary or three-level crushing to the materials. At present, the crushers in the market are various in types with diversified performance and the experience used by the manufacturers are also different. Because of the large material feeding size, it is difficult to improve the unit output of the cement mill. For this reason, when considering the technological improvement, after many times’ inspection and argumentation, HXJQ determines to research and develop a vertical shaft impact crusher.

The existing vertical shaft impact crusher pre-crushing device is generally installed on the head part of the cement mill, and the temperature of the clinker inside the crushing equipment is too high and there are iron ram in the mineral waste residue, these above two factors cause the serious abrasion of the hammer and lining board of the crushers, and many manufacturing companies do not think it is economical using this technology.

HXJQ sand maker is a professional machine that is used for cement powder pre-crushing and it has many advantages such as low investment, high output, and outstanding electricity saving effect and easy repair and maintenance. This equipment effectively improves the powder grinding condition so that it is able to significantly reduce the crushing function of the first bin of the tube mill and increase the grinding function of the second bin, improve the output of the mill by 20%-30% and decrease the electricity consumed by ton cement powder grinder by about 4kWh.

According to the national cement powder grinding research report, the effective power of traditional tube mill is only 5% and even the highest does not exceed 9%. However, the effective power of the crushers can reach 30%. For this reason, the cement powder grinding production can not go without vertical shaft impact crusher.

In recent years, with the more and more demands for cement in the construction industry, the fast development of the cement industry also promotes the application of impact crusher in the sand and stone production line. The powder making production has higher requirement for the equipment, and sand maker is able to satisfy all the demands, so that it enjoys more and more popularity. HXJQ believes that it will play a more and more import role in the future.

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