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Reduce Ball Mill Malfunction with Proper Operation

The experts of Hongxing Machinery say that the operation of grinding process of ball mill belongs to practical experience and skill in the production, but many engineering technicians do not completely understand it and the technical experience on this aspect cannot be found from the relavent books. For this reason, Based on many years’ produciton and debugging guiding experience of the experts of HXJQ and combination of theory and technology, we are here to give a detailed explanation to the operation of the grinding process.

There are many reasons that may lead to the malfuntion of ball mill:

1. The ball mill bearing becomes hot, at this time, the workers should examine whether there is enough oil in the machine.

2. Add grease on the bearing of the ball mill main engine and the pinion shaft for lubrication and add engine oil on the reduction box for lubrication.

3. If there is enough oil on the machine, the workers should examine the concentricity of all parts and respectively chech the main engine and the driving part of ball mill. If the big bearing pedestal of ball mill is not coaxial with quill shaft, it will cause the quill shaft and bearing gland to rub and produce heat. If the driving pinion shaft and the bearing pedestal is not coaxial with the bearing pedestal, it will cause the driving bearing and the bearing gland to rub and produce heat. If the reduction box of ball mill is not coaxial with the pinion shft nor with the motor, it will cause the bearing of ball mill to run with overload and produce heat. If the quill shaft and big bearing pedestal is seriously uncoaxial with the big bearing pedestal, it will lead to difficult start, motive power waste in operation and motor warm.

4. For all these reasons, it is very important to ensure the concentricity of all parts when the workers install ball mill.

During the operational prcess of ball mill, the factors that are relatively fixed and that do not need frequent adjustment include the hardness of ores and rocks, the crushing granularity, screening hole of the vibrating screen, ball mill model, quality of steel ball, additive amount of ball, size and proportion of steel ball, rotary speed of the grader, gap of the grader impellors, lifting height of the main shaft of the classifier, friction of classifier blade, height of classifier downflow weir, height of bottom open mouth of classifier, size of bottom open mouth of classifier, height of upper open mouth of classifier, size of upper open mouth of classifier. These parts are stipulated in the ealier stage of the design and technology. Of course, many ore dressing plants have problems in machine design, machine installation and equipment quality. Next we will explain this part.

1. Selection of ball mill model: Different ball mill model can satisfy different technological requirements, for this reason, when designing models, the workers should choose the proper model.

2. The installation of ball mill is not coaxial and there is discrepancy between big and small gearing mesh.

3. There is sand hole in the driving part of ball mill and the reduction gear. After the machine is installed, the wheel gear will abrade before it is operated for a long time.

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