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Three Patterns of Technical Level of Ore Dressing Machines in China

Under the general trend of global economic integration, how can we accelerate the development speed of the ore beneficiation equipment manufacturing industry in China and improve the research and development technological level? Now, by way of introducing three brand new research and development pattern, we hope to promote the research and development pattern to transform from focusing on introduction and copy or introduction and digestion to on both introduction and digestion and independent innovation.

(1) Technological project company pattern. The technological project company takes the specialty and comprehensive ability of project design and project management. Its technological rationality lies in coaxial diversification management centered with the basic technology and its technological feasibility lies in the project technological ability cored by this basic technology. And the engineering technology refers to a comprehensive ability including a series of abilities that the contract activities in the broad sense need such as the digestion of processing technology permit, transformation of the processing technology into engineering design, equipment purchase and assort, project management, civil engineering construction and test run. The development of the technological engineering company is actually the process of constantly integrating the above technological abilities according to the needs of different customers.

When establishing the technological engineering company research and development pattern, we must break the industrial limit, create the market facilities such as science research department, designing institute, schools, whole set of equipment companies and equipment manufacturing companies, no matter they belong to the customers or the manufacturing system, state owned or private, domestic invested or foreign invested.

(2) Full integration pattern. Because the full integration pattern integrate the science researching, designing (technological design and equipment design), manufacturing, proving ground and the equipment using departed, compared with other research and development pattern, it has the strongest adaptability and enjoys exceptional advantages as for developing professional technological equipment. The downside of this pattern is that it needs equipment application company with powerful strength and has the demand for researching and developing heavy rock mechanical equipment to be the core which relatively limits its development range.

(3) Part integration pattern. As for the majority of heavy rock mechanical equipment manufacturing companies, if they want the part integration pattern to be the effective pattern to improve the technological research and development level, they will have to increase the combination force and strength of the professional technology according to the relation degree of the heavy rock mechanical equipment and its application technology. In the industrial project with complicated technological flow, only the projects that the technology and the equipment are closely combined can realize the improvement to higher level in the technological research and development level of mining machinery such as sand maker and ore beneficiation machines. After this pattern is mature, the companies that have the necessary conditions can separate from the parent and transform to the technological engineering company pattern.

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