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Sand Maker in the Eyes of Hongxing Engineers

Hongxing Sixth Generation Sand Maker mainly takes advantage of the various merits of impact crusher, VIS crusher, cone crusher tighter with hammer crusher so as to reach the goal to replace the use of vertical crusher in sand making machinery industry. This kind of sand maker applies the stone-stone crushing principle to realizes the goal of low cost operation, high yield, and high quality output.

The sixth generation sand maker is the newest sand making machine which has adopted the most advanced technology from home and abroad and has been developed according to the related industry development trend. It is also named high efficiency fine crusher that is widely used in crushing raw materials with high hardness. It also enjoys broad application fields such as the cement industry, water conservancy and hydropower, municipal engineering, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. Engineers from Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery point out that this sixth generation sand maker has more than one advantage. The new type machine is equipped with an additional wheel aimed at saving energy while improving productivity largely. Besides, the machine also readjusts the back plate which will adjust the degree of material fineness as rapid as possible.

The earliest sand maker has only one back door for observation, which is unconducive to watch the operation and maintenance of machine. However, our sixth generation sand making equipment has introduced an observation door on one side of the machine, which obviously brings a lot convenience to the working staff. In brief, the equipment is featured with simple structure, low wear degree, high yield and quality, energy saving, etc. Our engineer will always take the need of the clients into consideration.

However, Hongxing Sand Maker engineer pointed out that the sand making machine, like other mining machines, needs careful maintenance and inspection during the long term use, especially the work of reducing rust. Experts from our company conclude some methods in dealing with the machine rust according their years of practice and study. They are shot blasting, high pressure water abrasive, chemical rust removal, as well as small pneumatic or electric rust removal. Shot blasting utilizes the small particles to gain surface cleaning of the machine such closed preening, vacuum shot blasting and rust remover whereas the open shot blasting is the most useful one that can completely remove the impurities of the metal surface. The high-pressure water abrasive method uses high-pressure of the water to damage the adhesion between the rust and the coating on the steel plate. This method is totally harmless to the steel plate. Other advantages are high rust removal rate and dust free.

Chemical rust removal method combines the metal oxides with acid, which is commonly known as acid rust removal. This method is limited inside our company. The shot blasting uses the high-speed rotation of the impeller to polish the rust of the metal. As a rather advanced and reliable way to cope with the sand making machine, this means can improve the machine productivity and raise the degree of automation. It is also rather economical and pollution free.

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