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Analysis of the Flow Measurement in Dressing Process

As one of the important ore beneficiation equipment manufacturers in China, Hongxing Machinery formulates a brand-new development strategy after analyzing the situation and current market. Under the premise of the market sales, HXJQ started the research on the product performance and developed a series of energy saving and highly efficient new processing equipment.

In the ore beneficiation process, the major measuring instrument is the "eye” of the control system. The harsh application environment and various influencing factors during beneficiation process have high demands on the instrument, for this reason, whether the measuring instrument is applicable not is the key to the success or failure of the control system. At present, most of the instrument applied in the dressing automation has achieved domestication; its performance and quality are close to the internationally advanced level.

Flow measurement is one of the most important parameters in the beneficiation process because the production examination and process control will be determined by the measurement data. The flow measurement in the beneficiation mainly concludes: ore flow measurement, water flow measurement and slurry quality flow measurement and so on.

The measurement methods of ore flow are mainly electronic type and nuclear type. The two kinds of flow measuring instruments account for most of the existing ore flow measuring instrument. As for the nuclear scale and the electronic belt scale, which one is good and which is not, this problem has long been controversial. These two kinds of belt conveyer scale have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of measurement principle and actual usage. Under the premise of meeting the using conditions, the accuracy of electronic belt scale is higher than that of nuclear scale. In terms of installation and maintenance, nuclear scale has obvious advantages.

The types of water flow measuring instruments are various and the technology is also the most mature. Since there are more or less loams or other sundries in the production water supply from beneficiation plant, the major water flow measuring instrument used for measuring the water flow is electromagnetic flow meter.

There are two kinds of methods of pulp flow measurement:
(1) Direct type quality flowmeter: the show value and output signal of this kind of flowmeter directly reflect the quality flow of the ore pulp.
(2) Inferential type flowmeter: the quality flow of the slurry is obtained by the combination of flowmeters and density meters.

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