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Notes on Ways to Prolong Using Life of Impact Crusher

Impact crusher (also called sand making machine) and counterattack crusher are usually used in bad conditions for long term which can intensify the abrasion of rotor bearings. Crusher can’t run normally without rotors that play an irreplaceable role. As we know that rotors are wear parts with their dear bearings and difficult repairmen which often cause loss of production. It’s noticeable problem for customers that how to take efficient measures to improve the life of rotor bearings of impact crusher. Next, we will list some attentions on its normal status.

1. The reasonable adjustment of the relationship among every part.

When impact crusher works, rotor bearing mainly bears impact load which is different form rolling body. The rolling body under the action of impact load bears biggest, and internal and external ring raceways also bear biggest when contacting the rolling body at this place. Nonstop rolling when internal ring working, for which the load undertaken by orbit of the contact point changes form biggest to smallest, and the action keeps circulation. For avoiding the phenomenon that one point stays in a fixed point where the load is biggest, it’s essential to make inner ring match up tightly. Otherwise, the external ring is relatively fixed, and the point undertaken biggest load stays in a fixed point, so if the outer race has a loose cooperation, it may be moved with small amplitude, which increases the biggest load point and prolongs the service life of the outer race.

2. Improvement of the balance accuracy of the rotor.

The impact crusher rotor is of big quality and high speed, and unbalanced centrifugal force is produced by the casting deviation of rotor block and quality deviation from plate hammer installation. The centrifugal force makes the machine vibrate by force to lead the damages of bearing and other parts, so the rotor of impact crusher must have balanced test. If the diameter of the rotor block is small, the blind quality on both sides of the rotor block can be changed and balanced; otherwise, the counter weight can be welded in rotor vitro wall. To prevent the weight to drop in vibration process, several row grooves can be cast out in proper place where the counter weight is set. Then the grooves are welded on, and it is beautiful and solid.

3. Right selection of rotor bearing models.

Double centripetal spherical roller bearing has many advantages of strong bearing ability and good self-aligning performance, so this bearing is selected widely to be used as rotor bearing. Additionally, it’s better to choose the bearing with the calculation life in 5000-10000h.

4. Improvement of the bearing stress state of impact crusher bearing.

The impact load on the bearing depends on the impulse of the rotor and support flexibility of the bearing block. For this, we can insert rubber sheet in proper thickness between bearing block and support frame to enhance the support flexibility of bearing block. Because of the function of rubber sheet, some vibrating energy is absorbed and the bearing force is improved in some degree so as to prolong the using life of rotor bearing.

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