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Hongxing Grinder greatly Releases Energy Pressure

Tailings refer to the wastes under certain technology and economic condition. Meanwhile, it can act as secondary resource if technology and economy condition permits. China is undergoing the stage of industrialization and urbanization, so the consumption of mineral resource is quite higher than before. However, the price of international mineral products continuously increases, adding the production cost of mineral product for manufacturers.

Under the nervous situation where global mineral resource is insufficient, the developed countries find that the slag or tailings left by mineral resources processing contains huge business opportunity. Meanwhile, if the great amounts of tailings can be dealt properly, resource and environment pressure will be effectively released.

Adopting the tailings to make new type wall materials is the best way to deal with the tailings and turn the waste to treasure. Additionally, national policy that government encourages enterprises to use industrial wastes to produce wall materials will be also responded. Consequently, the research on new type building materials has great practical significance.

Slag grinders produced by Hongxing Machinery, along with jaw crusher and hammer crusher, grind the tailings again to make the finished product achieve certain granularity. Thus the wastes can be used as wear resistant materials with high performance and low cost, increasing the technology content and additional value.

Employing the tailings to produce brick is an effective way to solve the tailings pollution. Therefore, fine economic and social benefits are able to be achieved.

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