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Performance Features and Operating Duty of PF series Impact Crusher

Hongxing Machinery PF series strong impact pulverizer is a series of new type highly efficient impact coal mining equipment researched and developed on the basis of introducing and absorbing domestic and foreign advanced machine shape. This equipment is able to process various kinds of materials with the physical granularity smaller than 500mm and compression strength less than 360MPa such as granite, limestone and concrete, but it is not suitable for crushing rocks whose surface water content higher than 8-10% and sticky materials. It has many features such as high crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency and convenient repair. Since the final products are in the shape of cube, it is the ideal equipment for processing high-grade road and water and electricity construction aggregates.

Hard rock crushing machine

Structural Characteristics of Impact Pulverizer:

1. Big material feeding mouth, high crushing chamber, high hardness of the adapted materials, little stone powders;

2. The gap between the impacting plate and the hammer is convenient to be adjusted, so that the granularity of the discharged materials can be effectively controlled and the shape of the particles is excellent;

3. The rock impact crusher is compacted in structure, strong in the machine rigidity and the rotor has huge rotary inertia;

4. The plate hammer is made of high chrome so that it has strong ability to resist impact, abrasion and impact force;

5. The machine is jointed without key, and the examination and repair is convenient and economical and reliable;

6. The machine is complete in crushing function, high in production efficiency, little in abrasion of spare parts and high in comprehensive interests.

The main composing parts of the impact pulverizer are impacting plate, plate hammer and rotor, and the impacting plate generally is welded with steel plate. On its impacting face, there is installed anti-abraded lining board, or impacting roll or grating bar. According to its application, it can be divided into rock impact crusher, hard rock crushing machine, coal impact crusher and impact rotary crusher.

Influences of the Number of Lining board of Impact Coal Mining Equipment on its Performance:

The coal impact crusher has many lining board whose density is relatively big. When it is working, the impacting times of the lining board on the materials in unit time may increase, and the crushing ability is high. In the meantime, the moment of force needed for starting the rotor will increase, and the power of empty machine is relatively high, and the effective power of the crusher will decrease relatively. On the contrary, if the number of the lining board is small, then the impacting times of the lining board on the materials will be fewer, and the crushing efficiency will reduce.

Instructions to Attendants of Hard Rock Crushing Machine:

1. Before starting this machine, check the fastening bolt of all the rotary parts, which should be examined every week.

2. The machine should be fed into materials in a regular way, and metal and foreign matters are forbidden to go into the hard rock impact crusher. If the operational personnel hear a metal hitting sound or see that the ampere meter shows that the machine is over loaded, he should stop the machine immediately. After the machine is stopped safely, the workers should eliminate the foreign matters and check all relevant rotary parts. Only by making sure that every part of the machine is normal can the machine be started again.

3. The machine can only be started without materials in it, and it can only be stopped only when the materials are completely crushed and discharged out of the machine.

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