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The Analysis on the Features and Theory of GZD Series of Mechanical Feeder

Feeder machine which is also called vibrating feeder is used to transport the material with the shape like the cubic and granularity into the receiving device continuously and timely with the stable speed in the production line, which can be proving the material and screening the materials in the gravel and sand production line in the industries of metallurgy, coal mining, mineral processing, building materials, chemicals, abrasives and other industries crushing and screening equipment.

The GZD series of mechanical feeder produced by Hongxing feeder manufacturer is one new feeder machine which is major in transporting the materials with the big shape before crushing and screening the raw materials, which takes advantages of the performance characteristics of eccentric shaft vibration exciter in order to guarantee the impact when the machine stands the power falling from the above on and the capacity of feeding. And what's more, the machine can be divided into two types, one is ore feeder, and the other is chute feeder according to the different style of mining.

Mineral feeding machine

The Working Principle of Chute Feeder

The GZD series of chute feeder is made up of the feed trough, vibration exciter, spring and bearing drive. And the vibration source is vibration exciter which is made up of two eccentric shafts including the active and passive, and the gear vice composition driven by the motor through v-belt shaft meshes the driven shaft rotation driven by the drive shaft gear in a contrary orientation in order to reach the purpose of making the materials moving stable and continuous.

The Performance Characteristics of Mechanical Feeder

The mechanical feeder has some advantages of simple structure, easy operation, no needing gearing, lower energy consumption and the mining capacity which can be adjusted continuously, so that is the reason why it has been mainly used in a lot of industries. And the machine is suitable to the inattentive material. We should decrease the pressure on the chute when the operator designs and arranges the coordination of the production line according to the requirement on the performance characteristics. The efficient discharging gate of the bin cannot be bigger than 25% of the groove width, and the moving speed of the material is controlled between 6-18m/min. the bottom of the bin should arrange the blocking ore plate with the higher height when we feed the material with the large capacity, and the blocking ore plate cannot be tied on the chute in order not to influence the performance characteristics of the feeder machine. The best design of the back wall angle of the bin is 55-65 in order to make the finished materials discharging smoothly.

The Operation Principle of Ore Feeding Machine

1. The machine can be started when the machine and the conveying part are ordinary after being examination.

2. To check and exclude the sundries between the body and chute, between the spring and bracket, which can have the power to influence the speed of the body.

3. We forbade feed the material after the machine has been stopped or there is some material in the body when the machine is stopped.

4. The operator should stop the machine at once when we found the ore feeding machine has some uncommon situation appearing in the production line after we started it, and the machine can be started again after being carefully examined and excluding the strange problems.

5. To examine whether the conveying belt of the ore feeder is good or not, and to change the grinding ones timely if we found something that is not ordinary. And if there are some oil grain which should be cleaned by the rag.

The mineral feeding machine produced by Hongxing feeder manufacturer can be classified into the structure of steel plate and grid section, and the mineral feeding machine with the structure of steel plate can be used in the sand and gravel production line in order to feed the material into the crushing machine wholly and stably; the ore feeding machine with the structure of grid section can be used for coarse screening, which has become one invincible mining machine in the crushing and screening equipment with one advantage of the reasonable arrangement.

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