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What Kinds of Steel Balls Is Suitable for Ball Mill?

The steel ball is the medium which is used for grinding material of ball mill, which is applied to impact and grind the raw materials in the operation of ball mill in order to make the material become the fine powder. The loading capacity and co-ordination of steel ball can have a great impact on the quality of the ball mill and the quality of the finished products, which is the reason why the daily management on the steel ball has become one of the most important things in the reality.

And then what kinds of steel ball can be the most suitable one for ball mill? Perhaps we can analysis from four aspects.

(1) Impact power: the impact power produced by steel ball, which is more excessive than the compression of material can crush the raw material, but the excessive impact force will put more strength to the plate and cylinder, which is just the reason why the energy consumption is larger, and please don't forget that the impact force is the most important for the warehouse.

(2) Grinding ability: the way to improve the grinding efficiency is just relying on the surface area of raw material and steel ball in the operation, which is important for the finely warehouse which makes a big difference to the grinding effect.

(3) The ability of depositing material and crowding row force: the methods to improve the depositing material are depending on the three ways such as the grading the size of steel ball, reducing the gap between the balls and increasing the bulk density of the steel balls. One is used to control the flow rate of material in the mill in order to reach the efficiency of whole grinding; and the second is to facilitate the material which is convenient to realize the crushing.

(4) Impacting number: the main methods to improve the output and grinding fineness are processing more impacting number. And the following two ways are also necessary to the working efficiency by relying on reducing the ball diameter and increasing the number of steel balls.

The impact force, number and ability of depositing material of ball mill are determined by the diameter of ball mill. The bigger the average diameter is, the stronger the impact force is, the larger the gap is, the faster the flow rate is with the same loading, but the impacting number will decrease, and the ability of depositing material becomes weaker. And the way to grind the material with hard compression is to increase the impacting number and prolong the time of grinding them in the cabinet. So we should choose the suitable ways in the practice.

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