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Pyrite grading machine

Pyrite is the most widely distributed sulfide minerals in the Earth's crust, was dominated by ferrous sulfide (FeS2), pure pyrite containing 46.67% of the 53.33% of iron and sulfur industry called pyrite. Pyrite is pale yellow copper yellow, usually with a Brown tarnish, streaks, green and black or brown-black, strong metallic and opaque.

National resource of pyrite ore rich little, 1F of iron ore containing sulphur grade 18%, Bonanza ore sulfur grade greater than 35%, 5% of the total reserves, China has a considerable amount of sulphur from polymetallic pyrite concentrate is obtained. Beneficiation process as follows: nonferrous metals containing magnetite ore crushing, grinding, sharpening and gangue pyrite and other metal sulphide minerals separation, through processing, outputs a variety of concentrates, respectively. I produced pyrite grading machine is connected with the ball, can be very good for ball mill grinding of pyrite grading.

Working principle

By mill fine mill Hou of yellow iron ore pulp from is located in settlement district Central of into material mouth to into sink, tilt installation of sink bottom is pulp grading settlement district, spiral speed turned, on pulp up mixing role, makes light fine particles suspended to above, flow to spill flow side Weir at overflow, entered Xia together processes processing, heavy particles is settlement to slot late, by spiral conveying to row material mouth as returned to sand discharge. Usually spiral classifier and mill closed, will return to mill grinding coarse sand.

Performance advantages

Pyrite grading machines produced by our company, has the following advantages:

1, multi-stage transmission forms, ensuring service life, protection gear.

2, into the head and shaft of the screw axis is made of cast iron, reliable operation; powder quality is easy to control and 0.00--0.75mm adjustable dust content is between 2%-15%. Reliable operation, convenient and flexible.

3, diversification, our company has developed four grading machines suited to customer requirements: high Weir type single spiral classifier, high Weir type double spiral classifier, submerged type single spiral classifier, submerged type double spiral classifier according to different production conditions, you can choose what suits you, where appropriate, production of spiral classifier.

4, the use of tile-lined, this special material that makes failure is very rare when the device is in use, improving the efficiency of the production.

Maintenance of common sense

1, always check the lower bracket or intermediate bearings, bearings, seals for wear, damage to the bearing so that timely replacement.

2 every 4 hours, bearing lubrication must use manual grease pump to the bearing pressure high pressure oil to keep the bearing seal performance.

3, where grease all lubrication points, to sodium or calcium base grease lubrication.

4, the class should check for reducer internal lubricant oil needle etching line, change oil every 6 months.

Briefly introduces the principle of pyrite grading machine, performance and maintenance of common sense, I believe that you are simple recognition of the pyrite grading machine, our company specializes in production of pyrite grading machines for many years, has a first-class research and development and manufacturing teams, has been the industry leader, welcome to buy.

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