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Detailed Maintenance Measures of Impact Crusher during Operation


1. When the machine vibration intensity suddenly increases, it must be shut down immediately, find out reasons and eliminate the faults.

2. Under normal circumstances, the bearing should be below 35 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature should not exceed 70 degrees Celsius. Once higher than 70 degrees Celsius, stop immediately and find out the cause.

3. The plate hammer should be diverted to use or replaced in time, when the wear condition reaches the limit sign.

4. The rotor must keep balance after the assembly or replacement of plate hammer, .

5. When the frame liner is worn out, it should be replaced timely, so as not to wear the casing.

6. Each time to start up, it's necessary to check the fastening state of all the bolts in advance.

Impact Crusher


1. Often pay attention to the working condition of the equipment and timely lubricate the friction surface.

2. The lubricating oil should be chosen according to the working sites, temperature condition, etc. of the crusher, usually the calcium - sodium lubricants is appropriate.

3. Add lubricating oil to the the bearing every eight running hours and replace the grease every three months. When changing lubricating oil, the bearing should be cleaned up with clean gasoline or kerosene carefully, and the grease added into the bearing pedestal should take up 50% of the volume.

The opening and closing of the rear upper cover:

When the quick-wear parts such as the frame liner plate, back plate and plate hammer are worn out and need to replace or when the machine breaks down and needs to repair, it should adopt ratchet device to open and close the rear upper cover for replacement and maintenance.

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