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How does a flotation machine work?

Flotation machine is an important dressing machine in the mining industry and it is mainly used for separating copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other non-ferrous metals and also used for the coarse and fine concentration of ferrous metals and non-metallic materials.

flotation machine

How does a flotation machine work?

1. After the minerals and agentia are fully mixed together, the mixture is sent to the tank bottom of the first room of the flotation machine. After the impeller begins to rotate, negative pressure will be formed in the wheel chamber, so that the pulp at the bottom and inside the tank will go into the mixing area from the upper suction port and lower suction port of the impeller, and air will also go into the mixing area along the air sleeve, so that pulp, air and agentia mix here.

2. Under the effect of the eccentric force of the impeller, the mixed pulp goes to the mineralization area, and air becomes bubble and is crushed and fully contacts with coal particles, thus forming mineralized bubble. Influenced by the stator and turbulence plate, the mineralized bubble will evenly be distributed on the sections of the tank and gradually move upward to the separation air to become foam layer, and finally the foam layer is discharged from the bubble scarping device to become bubble concentrate.

3. The impeller rotates driven by the electromotor v-belt drive and produces eccentric forces to form negative pressure which sucks in sufficient air to mix with pulp and mixes the pump and agentia, and at the same time sticks the minerals onto the bubbles to become mineralized bubble. Then the workers can adjust the height of the flashboard to control the liquid level to scrap the useful bubbles.

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